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On the edge of the universe there is a thick cloud cluster filled with space storms that people can barely see into, where many Ha'tak's are sent when they are beyond repair or have outlived their usefulness, a graveyard for the old and dusty. Many ships lay dormant here from battles that waged for years and some for just days, regardless of time the damage had been done and a lifetime of stories had been written and forgotten. A small Al'kesh left to monitor the graveyard sits within short range scan distance just in case any rebels try to claim some old parts without paying the correct tax for such an action to the governing System Lord. All of a sudden....


Jaffa 1:- Romanic wake up! the short range scans are picking up a faint energy signature
Jaffa 2:- Don't wake me Tomaz, I had finally managed to get to sleep, it's probably a ghost signature, the cloud cluster sometimes triggers them.
Tomaz:- You're probably right, I have a few hours left of my shift then you're taking over!
Romanic:- yeah yeah, wait...the signal strength is getting bigger....I don't think that's a false reading.

At that moment a Ha'tak flies out of the cloud cluster and barely misses the Al'kesh, with full power it immediately leaves the the Al'kesh in the dust. The Jaffa kick it into gear and follow behind as best they can, trying to hail the Ha'tak with no answers, they can clearly see the Ha'tak has damage to it and that it is an older model one that has not been used in a long time. Just before the Jaffa try to send a message out to the nearest outpost for reinforcements their hails had been answered and on screen was nothing but darkness until they heard a voice slowly rise up from silence.

????:- year? WHAT YEAR IS IT?
Tomaz:- Stop your actions thief, return the Ha'tak to the graveyard otherwise our master will make short work of you
????:- Your threats are nothing more then the whimpers coming from children!

The figure walks into the light and now can be finally seen

????:- I am System Lord Odin, Former System Lord Council Member, Your master does not scare me for I might have been sleeping for many decades or possibly centuries however I have seen more wars then your entire pitiful bloodline has ever even been around for. Send the message far and wide, I have awoken, Lets see what this universe has turned into and in future bow before your god!

With that being said System Lord Odin activates the Ha'tak's hyerdrives and the Hatak is long gone, It will be interesting to see what happens next.
Hey Everyone,
I have been bored, Figured I would pop in and see how everyone is going and who is still around this place like a cracked out hobo looking for their next fix lol.
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The forces of harchester fought back with all they could, and managed to inflict 3 damage
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Oh hai :smt050 :smt047 :smt058
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[20:15:16] Duderanch: Ben filled me up :P
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Go back to sleep Odin!
Wonder why my post count is so low? Thats because I was deleted. Why you may ask?
Well, thats because I exposed the truth about Zeratul and Admin Jason had to cover it up.
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Tetrismonkey wrote:
Wed Jul 03, 2019 7:10 pm
Go back to sleep Odin!
your like 7 months late man....
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