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Re: Eothemina v. ~Tziki~

Post by teesdale » Mon Jan 05, 2015 5:28 am

~Tziki~ wrote:
Oreo wrote:Tziki can't war anyways lol
coming from the guy that starts something, then runs, changes names, and starts something again like a broken record player?
oi, dont knock oreo... one of the handful of people that actually builds stats for me :P


once every 3 months.

sometimes in perg.

moments of epic proportions:
[5:26:57 AM ] josh: 30% of 100 is 33.3333333333333
[5:27:11 AM] Jake/Tees: LOL
[5:27:23 AM] Jake/Tees: im going to pretend you didnt say that
[5:27:29 AM] Jake/Tees: actually no
[5:27:33 AM] Jake/Tees: im going to sig it
[5:27:49 AM] Jake/Tees: now think cafefully
[5:27:49 AM] josh: w8
[5:27:53 AM] josh: i meant 100
[5:28:04 AM] josh: sorted
[5:28:07 AM] josh: **Filtered** u :D
[5:28:09 AM] Jake/Tees: if 30% of 100
[5:28:11 AM] Jake/Tees: is 33.3333333
[5:28:13 AM] Jake/Tees: then tell me
[5:28:17 AM] Jake/Tees: whats 33%?
[5:28:19 AM] josh: yeah i knew what i ment in my head :D
[5:28:30 AM] Jake/Tees: did you?
[5:28:34 AM] josh: w8
[5:28:37 AM] Jake/Tees: whats 33% josh???
[5:28:43 AM] josh: now thats 33,3333
[5:28:46 AM] Jake/Tees: :D
[5:28:48 AM] Jake/Tees: idiot
[5:28:48 AM] josh: ok
[5:28:50 AM] josh: i give in
[5:29:01 AM] josh: **Filtered**

[9:42:59 PM] robert: look my race :P
[9:43:09 PM] robert: zombie will not come here
[9:43:51 PM] josh: ah no brains
[9:44:04 PM] josh: bit harsh on yourself rob

[11:56:17 PM] Duderanch: KOS [ TÅTS - KOS it IS]
[12:03:49 AM] Duderanch: Someone is scraping the bottom of the barrel
[12:03:59 AM] Duderanch: just cant decide if it's kos or taf

[4:13:09 AM] Cersei Lannister - (Juliette): It's sad to see how many people here (in NL) are starting to use Arabic words for **Filtered**.
[4:13:54 AM] HiMyNameIs Martin: So then getting stoned in the NL may take on another meaning (worry)
~Tziki~ wrote:my ass is busy :'(
You are as peaceful as a nox kitten. Disgraceful.
reborn wrote: You think u can see scripting from spying. Is the demi u have this?

Dr Mariaelena Punicelle (Tier 4)

Skill level: Out of this world

Increased able to detect scripts --4.41%
Decreased intelligence if you think the top ability works --99.98%


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