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What do you want to see in the game? what can be improved? any suggestions welcome here...

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A thought...

Post by Semper » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:26 am

I've posted in here before but I had a thought (I don't play anymore so this may be entirely irrelevant). I do seem to remember that this system already exists to some degree.

One of the prevailing aspects of the game that drives players away (aside from the non-competition due to people just buying their power) is the constant war and the 'ease' of no-strings attacks.

Change the alert levels.

You can't physically attack whilst on the lowest alert level, but you get a UP and income boost (+30/20% respectively). Bank increase of +10%. You cannot trade with anyone on a higher tier if at this level (as you're effectively neutral Switzerland). You cannot be in an alliance war whilst at this level, nor have anyone to war settings. Finally, attacks on you suffer increased casualties as soldiers object to attacking a neutral nation.

Next level, you can only raid and sabotage weapons, but lose the UP boost and bank increase. Slight bonus to defences and covert/anti covert (+10%). Income boost reduced to 10%. No casualty increase. Can trade with anyone. Alliance can be at war.

Next level, you can use the full range of attacks (but you're limited to certain number of direct attacks before automatically moved to next level up) and get a bigger bonus to defences (+15%). You also start to have a UP tax as your citizens become slightly weary of your aggression (-20%). Additionally, you have a 10% player to player tax unless in the same alliance as the 'intergalactic community' begins to embargo you for aggression. You cannot steal planets. Covert/anti-covert takes a 20% hit as the 'chaos of war' allows leaks and causes dissent. Lose income boost.

Final level, you get a bonus to defence and attack (+20% each), big UP tax (-60%) and a bigger player to player trade tax (30%) as the intergalactic community ostracizes you. You can only steal planets at this level. Covert unaffected. You are at war with anyone outside of your alliance and everyone outside of your alliance not on the first two levels are automatically at war with you.

Costs to move between levels need to be significant such as uu equivalent to 10% current army size and 20 trill naq. You cannot 'jump' more than two levels.

This will likely help...

- make taking down huge defences much more of a team effort
- prevent 'hot potato' planet as it becomes a more significant event.
- make attacks and wars a far more 'thought out' action
- kill prolonged wars
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