increase in new account stats

What do you want to see in the game? what can be improved? any suggestions welcome here...

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Re: increase in new account stats

Post by Oreo » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:28 pm

00RA00 wrote:well i thought last time they discussed this they dicided on 5 mil lifers, to get money to train troops and do up thier acount to do with things like up n waiting for a mothership.

i say give them 5mil lifers, 5k ATs, 5000 UU 50BIL, obviously this seems like alot but its not for the better players but it will get the smaller players more than started

That way if they get a CO, hell tell him or her to build 1250 (ss, sd, assasins, cov agents) and spend the rest on anti/cov, up, techs and ms. Then they have the bassics of the game.

And they can get NAQ N UU from inactives to build with and train, from thier ATs, and they can use 15 ATs like me to get 20-50 k uu/ 15-30ish bil naq, then they are well away.

and finally once they have asended they just have to wait for the lifers to build the funds to start it over again

this may of been said but i didnt have time to read all the posts

That sounds right and also what the other guy said about having little missions to do so if your new you will learn quickly.

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