Official Pardon Request Applications

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Official Pardon Request Applications

Post by Manetheren » Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:11 pm

My Fellow SGW Players and Forum Users,

I come before you to offer a chance for forgiveness to those that have been imprisoned in the land of Permaban. For those that feel they do not deserve to have been exiled or have seen the light and have changed their evil ways, I will listen to your plea for an official pardon. If I think your plea has merit and wit then I will take your case to the council of three and attempt to free you from exile.

Below, I put forth the required format and information. Someone may post this for you.

List these...
1. Player Forum Name(s)
2. Reason For Ban
3. Number of total warnings.

Then, in paragraph form......(Perfect English isn't a requirement, effort shows that you want to change)
Several paragraphs might increase the likelihood of pardon, if they are heartfelt and sincere.

4. How you will avoid being banned in the future, and how you have learned your lesson.
5. Apology directed at those you have offended, insulted, or gone too far.

By applying for a pardon, you hereby agree to the following...

The ombudsman is not responsible for the result of your application.
You will not throw a public hissy fit if you do not get your way. Anyone throwing a hissy fit in your place will, in addition to making themselves look foolish, receive a punishment befitting their display.

Anyone who gets a second perm ban for whatever reason, will revoke their right for any future pardon.
And application does not assure approval of return.
Neither management nor the ombudsman staff is responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged applications in any way shape or form.

Very Respectfully,

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