Appeals Court - Procedure

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Appeals Court - Procedure

Post by Support » Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:43 am

Procedure for posting an appeal:
  1. Post your appeal (general public can publicly voice their opinions up until the moment the appeal is taken to the section heads, then the thread is closed in order to keep a clean house)
  2. Appeal is considered by the Section Heads and Mod Admin; appeal thread is locked pending judgement (7 days)
  3. If any additional information is required, the appellant can contact the Section Heads or vice versa
  4. Final judgement is presented in the thread
Appeal must contain the following:
  • List the warning you are appealing (or request which warnings you have received if you are appealing a 3-strike ban)
  • Post why you feel the warning was invalid, your thoughts and concerns
That is all.. simple and straightforward.


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