Warning Issued on 17th June

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Warning Issued on 17th June

Post by Field Marshall » Tue Jul 08, 2014 4:40 am

Dear Court, I am requesting the removal or devaluation to a verbal of my warning issued on 17th June.

I will list the events chronologically here under quotes with a brief comment under each event.
Field Marshall wrote:Hi Caprila,

Could you please enlighten me which part of my post is imitating a moderator?

I did not word it in such a way that it looked as if I were being a moderator nor do I doubt that anybody would have perceived it that way.

I contest this in full.
Caprila wrote:The following is a warning which has been issued to you by an administrator or moderator of this site.

I'm sure your request will be sorted soon.

This is a warning regarding the following post made by you: viewtopic.php?f=62&p=2598149#p2598149 .

3d. Imitating a moderator or administrator.
The imitation of a moderator or administrator by creating an account or posting in such a manner that is intended to deceive the community into believing you are acting as an administrator or moderator is not permitted.

4b. Replies
Replies will be considered spam if they do not contribute to the discussion of the topic, or derail the topic from the intended purpose as defined in the opening post. This may include multiple replies that contain nothing more than emoticons or small words such as ‘lol’. While it is appropriate to indicate something is amusing, drowning out a whole thread with such posts makes it hard to follow for all users. Replying to an official moderator post in topic will be considered spam. Should a user wish to reply to an official moderator post, they can do so by pm or in forum issues or one of its subsections. Private messages (PMs) are not subject to this rule.
I am contesting both aspects of this warning, both in terms of the suspected imitation and of the spam. I spoke to Caprila on a couple of questions whom eventually ignored by PMs. It describes the events as I perceive them:
Field Marshall wrote:
Caprila wrote:Thanks for getting in touch.

The purpose of the Appeals Court is focused on reconciliation between mods and users. However, general 'jokes' are not the sort of thing I would generally act on, unless a) asked to by another staff member, b) a complaint/report was made by a user.

In this case, both of the above happened. While you may not have believed anyone would take it as 'imitation', some certainly did.

It was my interpretation of your reply, given the previous posts, that you sought to imitate a Section Head, through use of the SH colour and the similarity to other replies given by SH's while a case is under review.

I do not think you did it maliciously ; but as a joke / troll at the Forum Staff. In most other sections, it likely would have been taken as a joke, and laughed at. However, in the Appeals Court, where users await a reply from a SH regarding their case, it fell a bit flat.

I hope that answers your question,


Thank you for your swift and prompt reply.

Whilst it may appear that I was attempting to imitate a person in charge, I can assure you that it was not.

I would like to contest this based on the following evidence please:
  • I chose a color that is not in use, to my knowledge that moderators use. Being very aware of the rule, I chose this color only to highlight what I was saying on a dark forum, sometimes it is easier to see than the default.
  • I was not aware that my words hold similarities to previous responses by SHs, in fact, I fail to still find any similarities knowing that most responses are orders or advise. I simply offered words of support.
  • My words of, "Hi. I'm sure your request will be sorted soon" support that I was not trying to imitate a moderator and clearly show that I have no ability to act on a subject.
  • My history of an upstanding citizen of these forums, along with a long standing activity with only a handful of incidents proves that I do not wish to lay on the wrong side of the law.
May I suggest as this is merely an language barrier where you have justifiably assumed I meant one thing and I have intended another. I appreciate that this is more my failure to protect myself and for this, I blame myself more than you.

If I may suggest a verbal warning and a promise from myself to not do it again may be a better punishment for such a upstanding member of this community.

Kind Regards,

Field Marshall wrote:Caprilla,

Thank you again for your prompt reply and assistance in helping me to become a better person on these boards.

However, if I may, I do have another couple of questions, if I may?

You say that my choice of color was an attempt to imitate a section head, however, if you could look below and confirm whether or not they are the same color? Exhibit A. My eyes at time do deceive me.

If I am incorrect as you say, if such colors were reserved purely for use by staff and any other use of them be misconstrued as attempt of imitating forum staff, then would it not be sensible to remove them as a shortcut from the "font colour" found on the writing section?

Do you think that there is any merit to the fact that I have purposely changed the default font away from that which section heads and other staff in an attempt to lead away from any perpetration?

Also, did you read my original response? I do not feel that enough has been commented upon in order to satisfy an adequate response to my previous questions.

Kind Regards,

Exhibit A wrote:Subject: Banned Forum Users
Psyko wrote:Guild
3rd Warning
2 weeks

Until August 13, 2013

Field Marshall wrote:Hi.

I'm sure your request will be sorted soon.
As you will read from above, I am contesting on the following:
  • Ignorance: One would imagine from my experience and longevity in using these boards that I should know better. I have typed in a way which has been perceived as a deliberate attempt to imitate a moderator. I apologize for this, this was never my intention.
  • Color: No color is reserved for a moderator, section head or admin. I base this assumption on the simple fact that they are not disabled for a general user. Not only this, but you also provide a shortcut to the colors directly to the right of our text box. Thus, reason is invalid and void.
  • Language: I have been accused of writing is such a function that could be portrayed as imitating a mod. I contest this heavily. When moderating, it is expect that the moderator commands a verbal warning or advice to the community, and they lay down the gauntlet exactly how it is expected to be. Such as:
    "Discussion on forum moderation has split to a new topic. Please keep discussion to this specific ingame accusation" (- Please note - I AM NOT A MODERATOR. This is for evidence reasons only)
At the end of the day, I am playing on your heart strings, only the reader of this can assert his/her opinion. I am not a perfect user of these forums, however, in almost 10 years, I have received 1 ban for stupid behaviour after accumulating 3 warnings and a further ban for threatening Admin which again was due to my immature but passionate behavior.

Since then, I have been a model citizen, only trying in my utmost to contribute and bring something to these forums. I ask for a pardon and a reinstatement of my current perfect record. Please don't let one simple mistake destroy our beautiful history together.

I will happily accept a verbal warning, of which, I did not receive in this regard and of course, went straight to punishment.

Oh, I did try to resolve this with Caprila. I guess she was just to busy for me :neutral:
Field Marshall wrote:Hi, did you get my message?

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Re: Warning Issued on 17th June

Post by Caprila » Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:21 am

It's true. There are pm's that I don't reply to. Mostly to the one's that are nothing but name calling or swear words. Out of the pm's you send me CC, almost all of them fit that description. Are you honestly expecting a reply to 'go filtered your filtered ' ? :-D

Regarding the 'topic' at hand.

You were reported by a forum user, and warned accordingly. The rules are specific in this manner, that if you believe the rule has been broken, it Must be a full warning given. There is no scope within the framing of the rules for otherwise ; at least not if you are attempting to apply the consistency the listing of consequences were designed to encourage.

I won't go into details of the warning itself, (as you have, so helpfully copied out my Private Messages on the subject); except to say that, this is just one of the many times you have trolled the forum staff. The discussion (detailed in the next paragraph), brought up several other incidents which you could/should have been warned for, but weren't, largely due to you making a fuss. Is it something the forum staff can be proud of? Not particularly, but it does cast a different light on your ' perfect and spotless ' record.

I did my best to explain my reasoning during the course of my pm's to you. When you became dissatisfied with my answers, I discussed the situation with relevant section head. I was informed that given your previous behavior/history on the forums, to cease replying to your messages, and wait for you to follow Protocol and speak to the SH themselves.

I did as I was asked, and stopped replying. As you've now started the discussion with the SH's in public, I'll leave them to it.

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Re: Warning Issued on 17th June

Post by Juliette » Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:38 pm

This warning will be evaluated.
Thank you everyone for your more and less valuable and worthwhile input.

Closed pending decision.

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Re: Warning Issued on 17th June

Post by Jack » Sun Jul 13, 2014 2:25 am

Spam removed~
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Re: Warning Issued on 17th June

Post by Sol » Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:47 am

Section Heads concluded the warning is valid. Thanks.
Field Marshall wrote:
Sol wrote:It's not going to destroy your life :P
I think this is sig worthy in fact.


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