Debating League 2009.

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Debating League 2009.

Post by Semper » Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:24 pm

Right. I shall once again.. advertise for a debating league.

The Debating league begins on August 24th 2009 and ends on 24th March 2010.

The rules for league debates are as follows.

1. There are two sides to every debate. One in favour and one against the motion. The point is to argue for your side.

2. There are four stages for each debate. The introduction which will consist of one post each. The body, which can consist of an infinite number of post's. The conclusion, which can consist of one post made within one day of the judges asking for both sides to conclude. The final stage is that of questions and answering which will occur over a one week period whilst the judges mark the other three sections.

3. The marking will consist of one mark out of 25 for each stage made by the judges. Your score is added together for a total out of 100, the debater with the higher score wins.

4. Everyone can debate against everyone and the person with the most points at the end, wins. Players are meant to challenge one another. If you enter the league, you cannot turn down a challenge unless you either leave the league (your score is wiped) or you have already taken part in three debates that month, OR you are already debating. You cannot debate more than two debates at the same time.

5. Every player will have a single 'trumps' card per year. A trumps can only be played before a debate begins (for that debate) and will double your points if you win.

6. At the end of every round people will be ranked for their position.

7. You can have up to 3 debates every month, you do not have to debate. You may join the debate league at any stage however no accounting for time lost will be made to your score. Each round will last 2months. December will be a 'break' in the debating.

8. The judges will decide all motions and put them in a 'pool' every round. Debaters can then choose from the pool, however once used that motion is gone for good.

9. The league will only go ahead if six or more players enter. Teams will not be allowed.

Tips and Hints

- Each round will have a theme.
Round one (24 August - 24th October) - Sci-fi, Science and fantasy debates.
Round two (24th October - 24th January) -Contemporary Political issues on a global level, Sports, Music, Film and conspiracies.
Round three (24th January - 24th March) - History, Philosophy and Religion.

- you do not have to use sources.. however.. it WILL get you a higher score.

- Eloquence, good use of english and showmanship are important for entertainment but will not be marked and will NOT effect your score.

- Swearing and crudely insulting people will be frowned upon and will effect your score.
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