Asuras vs the star trek universe?

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Re: Asuras vs the star trek universe?

Post by Rabbid Thom » Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:39 pm

it all depends what you mean by Asuras vs the star trek universe

if in a limited single battle field then i would think Stargate would have a good upper hand due to the ancients ships producing force fields over the hull breaches keeping the entire ship safeish
plus looking at it enterprise seems to always be down to like 46% sheilds after the first hit


stargate may have their gods blah blah blah but they cannot actually time travel without a gate going through a star doing some crazy stuff.
whereas there is a time line race in star trek who can alter the timeline and thus destroy all races

[spoiler]but we all know The Doctor will ultimately decide
Time Lords would kick everyones ass[/spoiler]

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