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After a quick chat with Forum, I have decided I will be taking the same path as Clarkey, in that I will be forming an email each week, detailing the latest bugs/rule violators/account issues that have sprung up through the week. Each For Admin section will contain a topic to report any issues. This will hopefully have these issues dealt with in a timely manner.

Much like Tetrismonkey's Priority List for IRC meetings, I will note each topic link with a short description below, and then place them in a "Past issues" spoiler once they have been included in an email. We will keep the IRC and Email threads separate, to help ease the moderation of both topics.

If I miss any topics, please post here or PM myself or another Suggestion/Reports Mod, and we can add them to the list to be emailed.

Also, I won't be going too far back, about a month or two of recent reports, so if you wish for something to be re-reported, once again feel free to post here or PM myself or another Suggestion/Reports Mod.

Email list - Have you been banned?:

[spoiler=Past Reported Issues]
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CC Leader: n haz thsi time it wasnt ur fault
Bralor wrote:hey haz how long do you estimate until someone blames you and masses HVE again?
Field Marshall wrote:On a seperate issue - where is Haz? He's the glue we really need right now!
SuperSaiyan wrote:I'm a staff member so naturally I'm used to unjustified abusive commentary, so really I don't mind ;)
Zeratul wrote:
Ĕɱƿŷ wrote:So I heard that when becoming a moderator you are subjected to hours and hours of "The Forum is good, the Forum is great, we surrender our will as of this date".

that is incorrect... nothing resembling prostration...

Forced labor on the other hand........ :sge
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*that was kernal potter
*wow I just made that typo

SuperSaiyan says (2:05 PM):
*no one will speak of this
*or I take muff's veggies away
*and he starves
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*hypothetically, how bad would it be if i descended someone... but forgot to Godquest them first, and they're active, and in an active alliance...
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Murris says (3:00 AM):
*ah **Filtered** why am i descended....
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i hate being a mod...
i just wanted the blue color XD

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