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League Debate Rules

Post by Semper » Sat Apr 18, 2009 6:24 pm


League debating rules..

- before anything. Any League debate, must have the player names in the title and an (L) in the the title too. The Pro, the first poster, must make sure to clearly state the topic being debated before making his argument. Debates that do not have this done, wont be judged and wont be counted towards the league.

1. A debater may make up to six post's in a single thread/debate.
2. The post's may be no more than 600 words long.
3. You may not make any edits to a post made, and you may not post more than one post after one another (ie, no double, triple of quad and beyond posting..)
4. Band language and personal insults will NOT be tolerated, however derogatory remarks made in regards to your opponents arguments are allowed (ie, you can call an argument stupid...).
5. You may post directly after your opponent.
6. Pro ALWAYS goes first.
7. Aside from the judges, no one, NOT involved in the debate, may post until indicated so BY THE JUDGES, NOT THE DEBATERS.
8. To finish a debate the debaters must make a 'last post' act. To indicate a 'last post' the debater must have their final section, CLEARLY marked as 'Conclusion'. This has to be instigated by the Pro side, and not the 'Against' side of the debate.
9. A 'last post' cannot be made before both users have made four post's.
10. It will be considered bad sportsmanship to make a 'last post' without the consent of your opponent, and your marks from the judges will suffer accordingly, unless we feel your argument could have gone no further without repeating things.


Points of Information

- after each side has made a minimum of three post's viewers may make ONE post each for the remainder of the debate to add a 'point of information'. These post's CANNOT be opinions, they must be facts, and must have a source and linked supporting theory. They can also be to point out obvious mistakes and faults in logic or either sides argument. They CAN be ignored, and will only be used by the judges if one of the debaters makes use of them.

- A point of information, cannot be to inform a debater that they are a tit or any other insulting designation.


Ok, so there are the new rules for league debates. Quite simple I feel.
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