Covenant vs. Goa'uld (Appy vs. Truth) Rate

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Re: Covenant vs. Goa'uld (Appy vs. Truth) Rate

Post by Semper » Sat Dec 08, 2007 11:44 am

Prophet of Truth wrote:Semper, hate to post now that its done but the light cruiser wiped out all but around 250,000 people within hours. It didnt glass the planet in that time but it crisscrossed the planet glassing towns before they took it down. It was then that a CCS Cruiser came and picked up the brutes, proceeded to glass the planet. Destroying three ships that came to take it down

The source on the internet says otherwise. I even gave you a link.

Prophet of Truth wrote:About the orbital shields, the Heirophant is a refit station, not exactly a glamerous super would be safe to assume that High Charity could, with shields raised survive much worse.

Would it? If it was down to say to say, there would be a lot of things going on. :wink:

Prophet of Truth wrote:Game mechanics are also a poor way to score as the level of the games difficulty increases the powr of shields....hardly a statement of physics. in the book the ability to blow through shields is easier then that of a goa'uld personal shield, but not as easly as tossing a grenade at it.

Never the less it is possible and a unit of jaffa with staff weapons are not just a grenade.

Prophet of Truth wrote:thanks for the advice though, next person that tries to throw down the Covenant will face a better structured arguement...and surely fail.

Jolly good to hear.

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