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Rules of 'GIDT'

Post by Semper » Mon Dec 07, 2009 4:46 pm

The aim of this section is to give you a more relaxed section where you can actively challenge each other, embracing a natural competitive flair whilst discussing eccentric/relevant/intelligent topics... whatever they may be.

The regular forum rules do apply in here, however they will be far more loosely policed and a lot more will be let go. This is to compliment the aim of making this section more mature with it's general attitude.

On a final note... EVERYONE can post, everything can be discussed so long as it's not a blatant attack (creating a topic titled 'why are all black people thieves?' for example is totally unacceptable and utterly racist, not to mention a fallacy and ergo absolutely NOT allowed, or another example is 'Why is Semper such an A-hole?' again is terribly personal and not allowed.)

However.. it should be noted so long as their views are expressed in the correct, respectful manner anti-free thinking posters are allowed (such as a homophobic arguing against Gay marriage). Should this be done in the wrong way... it will inter an automatic forum warning.

Per June 1st 2010, the debate section will no longer host debates on subjects under the category religion.
For a more specific outline, contact Juliette.
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