These be more like guidelines...

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These be more like guidelines...

Well I thought I would write up a few tips and guidelines for general role play use. These are not rules... but just a few tips from yours truly to help keeps things smooth and running.

1. Firstly, and quite possibly the most important tip is on killing another person's character. To put it simply.. it cannot be done unless they allow it lol. Many times have rp'ers fallen into this trap. Avoid direct major conflict until the rule makers have made a system to govern it and at all cost's avoid trying to kill someone until you have made a side-pot agreement as to whether they'll accept it or not. (ultimately, it can easily be twisted for your resurrection and may add to depth of plot).

2. When posting, always try to use colours, or specific punctuation marks to identify actions, speech etc etc in different ways. (For example put actions in bold, put speech in speech marks and put description in between *'s. Put assumed speech for another character in their colour.)

3. Description is a food for thought and potential inspiration for others. Use it, don't be afraid of the thesaurus or a bit of eccentric description to liven things up. However, know your limits.

4. Expect long post's and keep an open mind to them and their writers no matter the skill on display.

5. Always know what you're saying. Clever Rp'ers will take advantage if they can to exploit unused plot twists, advancements and chinks in description/use of language.

6. If you see rp'ing going on between others try not to 'crash' a good set up unless it's necessary or a good twist.

7. Remember, this is rp'ing. Take everything with a pinch of salt and don't take anything said/done to you to heart. You may be betrayed. You may be 'attacked' and you may be forced into a solemn play for some time. The forum characters will try to get you back in but just remember we all have our moments... both ups and downs and it's just a bit of fun. Taking it too seriously will only ruin that.
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Re: These be more like guidelines...

here's an independent guide for roleplay... (we guarantee overlapping with semper's guide)

there's many forms of roleplay...

for the kind used mainly in the RP section:
characters are written up, with the stats based on what a person wants it to be (so can be quite varied...)
different text types are used for different parts of RP... for example, regular text can be background things like descriptions of what is done, italic text could be talking, bold text could be actions, and so forth...
another way to form actions that has been frequently used on these forums, is marking the edges of the action with ** (example: *disembowels zergling*)
another way to differ things, is to switch from first to third person... or from present tense to past tense...
these can be switched around to have each mean something different, but thats up to the user... there are few limits...
we'll post a basic guide here... hard to get online time to match... and we had to think a while anyways when typing out... (probably forgot some part...)

but if there's any questions that arent answered below, just send them to us... (we'll also add you to msn)

easiest way to define which character is used, is through colors... each character usually has one color... but not all characters use colors... (i.e. semper doesnt use coloring)
but its easiest to keep track in a story if each color is used for only one color...

when using a roleplay thread, it is usually frowned upon to use anachronism... i.e. firing a plasma rifle in a medieval society... obviously wont fit...
so keeping to the storyline in the RP is important...

having fun and being creative are probably some of the most important things...
you should also expect to be tricked when roleplaying... but you can also trick others... and having a secret way out is always easy in roleplay... so just because someone claims they killed someone else, doesnt mean that happened... killing another character is very hard, and will usually only happen if the other character agrees...

for just regular roleplay (not in RP threads), its usually the simpler RP that is easiest to do... our RPing as many persons, semper being pure evil, the goa'uld acting as gods, replicators claiming flesh is a weakness, etc... there's few limits to what one can do...
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