So does anyone roleplay on here anymore(READ)

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So does anyone roleplay on here anymore(READ)

Post by Merchant[LG+] » Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:20 pm

I was seeing if I started a game who would be interested....Here is just a bit of it and I can go into more detail if I see people are interested.

Planet Afte was a world of several races. Five Hundred Years ago there was The Great War and from that Planet Afte lost 70% of its population as well as much of the advanced technology/knowledge(But some still remained). Afte is a planet with all terrian you can think of from the Rivers the the oceans to the vast open plains and the mountian's covered in forest and much much more. The people/races live their lives to the best of their ability through hard work and knowledge and even war. From Tribes/Clans toe Kingdoms and the Free States and the Hero's that walk the landwho will shape the destiny of Planet Afte.

Races(Details will be released if interest shown)

Advanced Weapons& Tech(which will have limits/limitations)
(This is tech. that is hard to come by but is still around)
Staff Weapon and Pulse Rifle
Hand Device(No shield use and Symbiote only Tech)
Staff Cannon and Plasma Cannon
Sarcophagus and Healing Pod
Solar Power and Hydro-Electricity
Rare metals and minerals
(More to be added)
(Most of the weapons will be bronze age to medival design/based such as swords,spears,bows,and very early firearms which mean single shot ;)

Hero's Only(Wrist Devices and Unique Primary Weapons)

City of Zar will be where every characters first post should be about. It is the most advanced City on Afte and is neutral. This is where Merchants, diplomatic meetings and more can happen.(There will be rules to this City)

Character Choice-

Ruler(be it king,queen or whatever title you call yourself) You will rule a nation and thus have an army and be able to roleplay off this Character.

Upper Class( this being senator of a free state, Wealthy Merchant etc) You can play as someone who may not have an army but can hire some goons or change politics of nations.

Tribe/Clan Leader( Kinda like the Ruler) Just a little different in play style as you may role play to become a king or be of the Unus who follow the old teachings.

Hero(Powerful in combat be it for good or evil a hero will have special skills from always traveling and fighting while staying in shape. You don't have a army but can have a small group who follow you.

****Note you can change character if you play it right be it going from a ruler to a wondering Tribe or even a Hero if you kingdom is lost or you give up your throne to a Hero becoming a king but losing some of his ability(sense we all know rulers get a bit lazy at times) So there is always room for characters to switch to another character type story if they so choose and do it in the right manner*******

Main Characters may not be killed unless said player is allowing it. If you post about another character please try to wait for that Character to respond hence staying in the storyline. If for any reason someone disappears from RP they will not be killed off but moved to Wandering status where when they do come back they may start off again as a Hero or Tribe/Clan.

Ok well thats just the basics....if people show me they would like this RP to get up and going just show your support.

All rights reserved for this story by Merchant[LG+] A coming at you production :P.

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