Big RP or smal

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Big RP or smal

Post by Kaname94 » Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:35 am

I'm wanting to make a new RP. But I want it to be fun with good people who will want it to work as well as I do. I have a few ideas but I'm happy to hear more.
1) The rebirth of the Goauld Empire
2) Fight between the system lords
3) If enough people were interested I would enjoy a fight between all races.

Players would be system lord/Jaffa. It would originally be before the Tauri started to fight. It would be the politics and combat that would take place between the Lords. Taking planets and ships. Making treaties and plots. Play by post. As it got bigger more factions could be made and even other races involved

I think it would be great if done within Facebook groups. One for each faction and one done for public interactions that everybody can join in. I really want this to work so please contact me if interested or want to ask some questions.

If this is not for you I woulkd be interested in one on one so if you want a normalRP let me know

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