Contacting Game Support

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Contacting Game Support

Post by Caprila » Sat May 17, 2014 1:40 pm

As a player, there are two options available in contacting the game admins.

1) Using this forum. Think carefully as to which sub section of 'For Admin' section you require, and post accordingly. Some links are shown below :

Please use this section to report Bugs:

Report you've been banned
Please use this section to request help if you've been banned, and don't know why:

Other Account Issues
Please use this section to report other account issues:

Report Cheating
Please use this section to report cheats:

2) By direct email

If you do not want to report bugs or problems with your account, or to post suspicious activity in public, you always have the option to email directly to Admin. Remember to include all the information you can, including screenshots if possible.

Also remember to include a descriptive email title; such as ' Possible cheater id 87945 '. We're all victims of our spam filters


Thanks to Clarkey for setting out the original reporting system on forum

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