Bans on Ascended <=> Bans on Main

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Bans on Ascended <=> Bans on Main

Post by Support » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:23 pm


After due consideration and discussion within the Game Administration, bans on Ascended will be enforced on Main as well, and vice versa will bans on Main be enforced on Ascended.
Bans will only be applied if the Game Administration considers it a fitting punishment for proven crimes.

The role of the Community remains, as ever, strictly this: to report suspicious behaviour, after which the entire procedure is the responsibility and purview of the Game Administration.
The Game Administration trusts that you will not use this role to frivolously waste our time, and asks in return that you trust the decisions made.

Per the terms of service, "the Game Administration reserves the right to ban, unban, remove or modify accounts for any or no reason." In practice, this means there will be no public discussion of bans by the Game Administration, other than statements regarding the report (acknowledgement of the report having been read), and the final decision.

Suspicious behaviour can be reported to
Appeals concerning ostracism/bans can be made to

The appeals process is confidential between the accused and the Game Administration.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Have a good game!



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