2009 Spam Newcomer of the Year

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2009 Spam Newcomer of the Year

Post by Solus » Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:55 pm

Slim87R wrote:I think your Solus is showing.
| +
Juliette wrote:Glory to the Solus.
Psyko wrote:You sick and twisted little Sol, you. :smt047 :smt049
Malx wrote:
Noobert wrote:I love when Solus posts. It brightens my day because of how awesome he is.
Eärendil wrote:
SuperSaiyan wrote:
Eärendil wrote:Making fun of SS in his face
Ĕɱƿŷ wrote:Punching SS in his face
its ok, you both love me more then existence itself anyway
No, No I don't.
I love Solus.
And I even love Canadian Bacon more than you.
Radiance wrote:Oh my marriage-consummating deity.. that was awesome. :shock:
(F)(¯`• (F)¸·´¯)«§müg»™(¯`·¸(F) •´¯)(F) says (5:38 PM):
*who is solus?
Chris/Deviathan[EVE Online] says (5:38 PM):
*solus is god
*and he touches us all with his noodly appendage
[BoT] Eärendil :: Matt says (5:38 PM):
*solus is... better than raptor jesus
SuperSaiyan - Pirate says (10:25 PM):
*solus is out for blood Image


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