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Newgounds Bug

Post by Slim87R » Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:51 pm

Well, I just noticed something today:

(note: if you total population size is greater than 16,000,000 disease will surely strike your lands. Above 12,000,000 and raiding is no longer possible. Above 8,000,000 and trading/buying units no longer possible.)?>)

I am far above that 8 million marker, but when I open the SS part of the site, units are still listed. Now I do not plan on purchasing any more SS, but the UU transfers constitute trading right?

I do not want to kill my own growth but I feel I should point this out. There is no in built trading system in New Grounds yet, so the transfers could just constitute gifts not trading since you are not getting anything guaranteed in return.

As for the SS part, I think that if the Units are taken out of the equation, you should get more naq.


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