Demi God experience points required skill upgrades

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Demi God experience points required skill upgrades

Post by frazz » Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:06 am

My thoughts on this is that to do the first three skills is reasonable particularly in the jumps from each skill

When u hit level 4 skill the jump for experience required is to much of a jump in comparison when u are looking to upgrade that

It ends up that a lot of time people are just putting the completed lvl 3 to the side and doing other ones instead of going for that one to the next level.

I have two suggestions

1. That experience requirements for lvls four and above are adjusted ie demos and your self demi i'll prob be my grandkids that move that one on or that experience gained on attacks is altered

2. For those that play the division you can do an equipment roll a limited number of times on weps attributes would something like that be possible even if it was costing lf etc people would probably do that - its still random as to what skills you get
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