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Buncha suggestions

Post by Elysia » Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:42 am

1. Teach players how they can get, keep and evolve demigods. Maybe show a percentage chance of how likely you are to receive a demigod request, along with an explanation of what contributes to it. If it just takes doing a lot of attacks against targets that aren't helpless, how about suggesting non-helpless targets without revealing too much, i.e. "Some compare your followers to those of <x>. Perhaps proving yourself better will attract more powerful people to your side.", and such targets would simply be targets against which you *could* lose, maybe a range of attack vs defense around 2:1, so the suggested player either has a defense half of your attack or double your attack.

2. Give the ability to use either turns, DMU or energy/mass to temporarily (1 day per week?) bypass CER limit after reaching 5 bil. Make it expensive to offest the gain. Or double current CER temporarily (i.e. 5 mil CER because it's heavily reduced by being over 5bil, doubled to 10mil CER for 24 hours or something)

3. Since there aren't a lot of people on ascended anyway, how about instead of reducing the damage you deal (but also causing huge repulsion), your attack and defense are brought down to a level reasonable to the player you're attacking, only the amount of life force remaining the same? It could still take 9 hours, just waste less lifeforce. This might mostly help "big" accounts, but the "big" accounts are really just the accounts that are active at all.

4. It's been suggested many times, but please add a calculator for the various things? On main too if possible. That, or instead of "NO RESOURCES LEFT" / "Not enough resources", you show what it would actually take. It can't be hard, as the server must already check if you have the necessary resources. Could apply it to main too. Also, maybe make all amounts above the maximum of whatever can be done, instead of trying to do the exact thing, just do the most it can? Something like it seems to be already in place, but it only shows physical attack and CER as options. I.e. put in 99,999,999,999,999 to "DMU to Life Force conversion" but you only have 10,000,000, instead of saying "you can't do it" just do the 10,000,000 DMU to 1,000 LF conversion

5. Show a random player with personal power levels close to yours on the Introspection page, i.e. "Daniel Jackson might prove a worthy target for a show of strength".

6. Ability to convert some of your own planets into life force at a cost of dark matter, unrained planets at a low cost and super planets at a high cost

7. Ability to convert a lot of energy/mass into powerful weapons, same as Main can turn G&R into weapons. At the moment this would only help players who are already strong, as demigods are apparently very hard to get. If you gave some insight into how they are attracted and/or adjust the rate so that everyone can get them (for example currently i see one person getting like 5 demigods a day and another at least 1 a day and no one else, on galactic news)

8. Remove turns to DMU conversion or make it at least somewhat worthwhile.

9. Like on main, allow race name to be customizable

10. Make unit and weapon names customizable, same for command star weapons/shields, but for spying purposes, keep the old names, i.e. player renames "Conqueror Planets" to "Kull Warriors" and weapons from "Macro Quantum Multiverse WorldShips" to "Overcharged Zat'nik'tels", but if someone were to spy on the player, the "Kull Warriors" would show as "Conqueror Planets" and "Overcharged Zat'nik'tels" would show as "Macro Quantum Multiverse Worldships" as regular. Basically, only eye candy for battle reports and the training screen. Could apply the same for main.

Some of those things have been suggested in the past, but I'll suggest them again.

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Re: Buncha suggestions

Post by ~NyX~ » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:02 am

I like that the Race names stay close to the originals, funny how we weren't hit with the trademark fear on there. :D, However if we had customised Races how would Race wars in tourneys run?

we might not et % details for likely demihits but we do get the chance out of hits thing, if you look bottom of your attack or intelligence logs

and if we are going to match whoever we hit in attack and def might as well make us all the same lvl with no scope or incentive to build those.

One of the things I like about ascended over main is the inability to attack those lower or much higher than yourself, gives those new a chance to grow unlike main.
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