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Re: ascended ap ratio

Post by Phobetor » Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:55 am

Arkenius wrote:Then next time make a suggestion when you know all the facts. Otherwise your idea will be bad, simply because it's already implemented in the game, there's something better or there is already a workaround in place for it.

Have you ever considered testing something and then report it or suggest an improvement for it? Hey! I want a rainbow too, but I am well aware that I need rain first. You get my point? ;)

And for the love of god, stop playing the victim. What are you, 10?
Did you even read my suggestions in this tread? I don't see what's wrong with having ideas.. and see what ppl think about them. If you don't like it say so(witch you have ) and then leave there is no need to linger and keep bashing..

I'm not playing the victim I'm trying to keep this thread civil.. obviously you can't keep a simple suggestion thread civil and polite.

Therefor I will stop replying to anything you say that does not have something to do with the suggestions in the thead. If you want to bash bring it to the war thread

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