November 2013 Updates.

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Re: November 2013 Updates.

Post by Arkenius » Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:37 am

he brought TAF into it on that particular point because some of your alliance mates are the only ones who make such threats. There is no need to hide it anymore, since everyone knows... TAF has the wrong idea that they own the ascend server and they are the judge, jury and executioner.

What Reborn said is valid and it really needs to be taken into consideration.
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Re: November 2013 Updates.

Post by Norbe » Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:25 pm

~wilco~ wrote:
reborn wrote:Any chance this can be re-looked at.

I say it because if this was to help newer players into the game an make them build. Would be great but speaking with a few ppl , when ever they have tried to get into the top 100 , because they also play arena, they have been sent PM's saying about stay out of top 100 this is for TAF only , or don't enter arena unless your want to be sat on outside of arena.

These are ppl that are not even in the sever war, its just becoming a feeding ground imo for one side. Just one player that had PM's kind of like this was Lore.

If I just take say Talloak for instant, picked him as he normal sat rank 1.
He has Turn demi, that gives 4 per turn, then rank 1 that gives 5 per turn, you already looking at making almost double ppl outside the top 100 each turn.

If your look at say OPTIMUS MAXIMUS out of top 100 an messure it agasint Talloak looks like

OPTIMUS MAXIMUS he gets 15,8k turns a month
Talloak he gets 28,8k a month

Then if add on the 8k turns from the arena Talloak got say last month, this does not help ppl trying to get into the game, but does what ~Tziki~ said at the start just promotes the stronger to get stronger.

While numbers all on there side just pick ppl off one by one. As I said its happening from the pm's ppl are getting that's not even war.

IMO there is no need for extra turns for being ranked.
Well if any1 in taf are sending them pms thats something HC will need to look at cos we are a friendly alliance.

If it is because you can never stay high ranked enough then unfortunatly its not our problem.

On the other side, i kinda agree with what ure saying reborn just no need to bring taf into it.
Any one who has received inappropriate messages from TF members feel free to talk to our HC. We are always fair when dealing with anyone, especially those who are neutral and have no connection with ongoing wars and we have no wish to prevent anyone from playing.

Personally I like the added ATs because it does encourage people to build and sit in rank. If you want to get into those ranks and get the bonuses, build enough to do it. If you don't want me to get the bonus, you can always mass me.

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Re: November 2013 Updates.

Post by reborn » Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:41 pm

I think your missing the whole point, now those pm's are just some things that's been happening.

But the main point im getting at is this
reborn wrote: OPTIMUS MAXIMUS he gets 15,8k turns a month
Talloak he gets 28,8k a month
So ppl already get extra turns from demi's, this aint even factoring extra turns say from arena too if we did that for say Talloak for last month to OPTIMUS MAXIMUS

The difference that month in turns would be 21k that month, that's 1 an a third of a month's normal attack turns given to ppl outside of the top 100.

Were not talking about small numbers these are quite big when you factor in demis' on top which some ppl do not have.

Even if you do not even take into account arena turns that's still 13k a month more, that's close to double ppl outside of top 100.
Even if they say moved into top lets say they got to Rank 11 were they now get 2 extra turns. He would only be getting 18,7k turns a month.

That is still 10k behind almost a 1/3 less. Your just on a never ending circle or not even getting close to chatch up on players.

There is really no need for extra turns to be added on for rank, most of all when its being added ontop of demi's too. Its just making the gap from older player to newer players far greater.
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Re: November 2013 Updates.

Post by D3ath » Wed Apr 08, 2015 3:18 am

like i always said that was the stupidest thing to do :D and with high levels u dont even need lots of planets like someone is saying to be in top ranks :D

also we had similar discussion many years ago, where rich were getting richer, and there was the opposite thing implemented that lower ranks would get extra turns so that they would be able to catch up. But it didnt worked out cause people would just remove their stats to get extra turns cause those extra turns always meant that u can get richer and richer, and same is happening now.

And i would agree with tziki, that all these bonuses should be removed, and something like that glory implemented so that those on top could show off.

Also if you want to make something that newer players could catch up, you should try and do something like quantums that for new players with small powerups the cost for upgrading would be lower. But if you dont want to do that then u can always just remove the bonuses and give something else for them to show for others that they are playing this old men from retirement house game.

anyway i am pretty sure that all this gonna be ignored and nothing changed so have a nice day everyone ;)
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