Achievements and 'Build Planner'

When BIG changes come, some advance notice MAY be given, depending on the type of enhancement.
this is where to discuss these that are announced, and where we announce them.
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Disclaimer: This is NOT for the current batch of updates, but for the next round.

- Predefined goals, tiered, some rewards, possible to mark your stats page with your achievements.
- Option to define your own goals (no reward), some restrictions apply

Build planner:
- Allows calculating Naquadah requirements for building up to specific stats
- Option to port your calculated goals to 'customised achievements'

Achievements were planned a while back, and are sketched out for a future update.
With the apparent demise of the last known publicly available GateWars calculator, we're adding an in-game Build Planner that will let you calculate the requirements for your desired stats / levels. Within the Build Planner, you will have the option to port your calculated goals to your own customised achievement. As with other achievements, you will be shown how close you are to completing your self-defined goals.
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lol i was in the process of making that exact thing on my calc site.

I think its a good step in the right direction to keep the game engaging for new/returning/small players.

I was creating mine based on a few different things, Ascension requirements with costing and time-frames would be the initial achievements alongside small weekly achievable chunks broken down off a player set long term target (MS, Lvls, Att/Def Duals etc) giving players an estimated date of when they would achieve all targets if set achievements were met on time.

I look forward to see this
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