When BIG changes come, some advance notice MAY be given, depending on the type of enhancement.
this is where to discuss these that are announced, and where we announce them.

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these ARE subject to change, based on feedback, solar flares, lunar cycles, where my car is parked, who was naughty, who was nice, and if anyone sends good or bad vibes.
in short - NO PROMISES... NO GUARANTESS, and NO USING THIS AS A "but you said" FORUM.

this area is to announce upcoming changes. Most changes will go in as, or close, to announced. If they never come, come differently, or come sideways, or are not announced but you think they're big -- sorry...

This is a "best effort, friendly and thoughtful" but that's it area.

This is just the nature of a multiplayer, multiopinion, non large corporation with rooms of testers who are not actual playing, 360degree feedback accepted, actually caring admin team, aiming to meet the needs of all, yet keep the game growing and enhancing, type thing.....

Thank you, and thank you for understanding that what comes, comes, and most of the time, stays but changes over time with the general flow of the cosmiverse.


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