Criticism V Flaming

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Criticism V Flaming

Post by Lord Neqa'el » Tue Nov 14, 2006 6:40 pm

****Recently there has been an increased amount of flaming in Sig Shop threads, either resulting in very public confrontation or Mods becoming involved. Below is a guide on what is considered as 'acceptable' behavior.

As an Artist and Signature maker myself, I welcome critics, especially when their comments ultimately help me to see my faults and help me improve. I respect their comments even more if they are polite and helpful.

An example would be:

xxxx has posted an image for people to look at, or discuss (or even sell) and its quality is perhaps not as good as some other signature makers pieces of work...

yyyy has posted a response claiming its rubbish and he wouldn’t pay anything for it (or words to that effect)

zzzz has posted and said "well, I don’t particularly like the image, perhaps it would look better done this way..."

I’m sure you see the point. If you cant help then try not to make a comment that can be taken as insulting.

Suggest sites people can find images, suggest fonts or places tutorials can be found. Don’t just dismiss someone’s work out of hand, especially if they are new to signature making. Those of you out there who make signatures will remember how bad you were when you started. I was awful and look at my work now!

To just put together everything I’ve said above; constructive criticism is a good thing if done respectfully and with the intention of helping the person get better, actively encourage, don’t alienate.

Above all, show the respect artists such as yourselves deserve and expect. This is a talented community, we should help each other out not destroy each others confidence.

Thank you
Lord Neqa'el****
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