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For the selling of accounts in Main/Main+Ascension/Chaos/Quantum for in-game resources

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Account Sales

Post by Caprila » Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:31 am

Caveat emptor, pronounced /ˌkæ.viː.ˈɑːt ˌɛmp.tɒr/, is Latin for "Let the buyer beware"

There have been numerous complaints over the past few months, over account misrepresentations in the market section. The responsibility in any trade, is on the buyer to take reasonable steps to protect themselves.

* Make sure you know which account you are buying ; it's condition, status in ingame wars or vendettas. Check The Galactic Colosseum to see what alliances are currently at war or what individual vendettas are occuring

* Make sure you know who you are buying from ; their reputation, email / paypal address, proof of account ownership. Check Market Information which includes: Market Discussion, The Black Listed Traders and Trade Feedback

Remember, if an account looks too cheap to be true then there is a probably a reason, so make sure you understand the risks before accepting them. The forum staff are here to help with forum matters, but it is not their responisibility to track down ingame discrepancies.

The onus is on the Buyer to Beware.

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”


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