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All player organised lotteries, competitions and the like.

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Honours and Awards

This board.

All lottery/sig/avvy/caption competitions are to be placed in this board. Likewise, all discussion regarding them should be in here.

There are no specific rules to this board - other than the competition organisers decisions are final.

have fun!
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Thanks :) Yay now my lottery wount me moved from general to black market and vice versa every day :-D
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you should probably put a rule in here for certain scammers like
"if you have an entry fee make sure you give a prize away, no screwing people over"
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yeah i agree with that
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Re: This board.

A somewhat late response but what the heck :-D

The administration accept NO responsibility for hoax/scam competitions so if there are entry fee's involved in any contest posted in this section you enter at your own risk.
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