Attack on my account?

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Attack on my account?

Post by BenjaminMS » Mon Sep 08, 2014 2:30 pm

I got notified when I tried to log in here after a busy day trying to guide Wikipedia's #GamerGate page into a more balanced direction and keeping an eye on the #Gamergate and #GameEthics tags on Twitter, that I had exceeded the maximum amount of login attempts. At first I suspected an random Wikipedian who somehow had managed to steal my e-mail address, due to reports of doxxing on people involved in editing the #Gamergate-page. That suspicion got debunked by an admin.
Other media are completely out of the question. Leaving only one possibility: someone in this community has been attempting to hack my account by attempting to randomguess my password. Considering relative few know of the emailadress I use here, the list of suspects is also relative small. Either way - unless I really overlooked something, can an admin kindly check my account, especially for the failed login-attempts, and PM me the list of logins? I know roughly the IP-rotation my provider uses and I know 1 IP which had earlier had tried to crack my password for Skype.
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