How do I acquire mass?

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How do I acquire mass?

Post by FOXES *ODST » Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:32 am

So I am still plasmating radiant light energy but I need some mass. How do I get some mass and what is its purpose?

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Re: How do I acquire mass?

Post by Clockwork » Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:33 pm

Game Update May 2014 wrote: --== Demi-Gods 2.00 ==--
It's recommended you read everything before pressing buttons and finding out they unleash terrible things

Changes to the current code
* The amount of abilities and disabilites able to be found has risen to somewhere in the region of 80, reaching many aspects of gameplay.
* It's easier to find demi-gods now, at about (a very rough) 1 per 1.5k turns used.
* Skill levels are uncapped, but the tier will still be a fairly big cornerstone for the abilities power.
* Experience is gained along with battles, it's based on quite a few variables but essentially comes down to getting more if it's a 'fair fight'. Your demis gain the same amount of experience (i.e. it wont get divided up).
* You can change your equipped demi-gods once every 30 minutes (a turn change).
* The amount of demis you can find and amount you can equip has been changed, see below.
* Demi gods page has a few colours now.
* Given the large array of abilities and finding demis are easier you can no longer force change your demi-gods disability.
* Skill upgrades are cheaper.

New additions
* There are 2 new resources, mass and energy (well, energy cells, each cell contains about 718.89 PJ of nearly raw energy), you use mass to build M2 Stargates - a newer version of the Ori Stargate schematic being fueled by mixture of Naquadah and refined Dark Matter- allowing a far greater and stable
wormhole radii i.e mass transport. The time for any object to be tranported through the instance of the wormhole created is proportional to various factors but more prominently the mass flux, meaning a Demi-God sent through takes a matter of milliseconds to cross entires galaxies. It's considered to be
the next version of the Stargate. of demi-gods around the various realms - compared to traditional methods, and energy to keep demi-gods equipped (think of it as an upkeep).
* Given the impact of demi-gods, the various abilities, and peoples bad luck, everyone starts off with a base demi. You. You were once great. Sometimes you still are....(new people will get it on turn change)
* M2 Stargates can be built in cosmic development, the more you build the more demi-gods you can manage and equip, and as a by product of broadening your reach, you make
yourself more avaiable, so it also increases the probability of finding other demi-gods.
* Energy is required for demi-gods, you only need to give them the raw form so they can do as they please, pay for what they need to get the job done etc. If they require certain products they have
the tools and the means to form the energy into mass.
* The cost of equipping demi's becomes more costly than a typical addition of both energy requirements.
* Speaking of energy/mass conversion, you can do it to! Heading over to the trade you can force an equilirbium between your mass and energy. This isn't a direct conversion it just forms a rough equalisation.
Don't forget resonance, heat, light, sound losses account for a small percentage of what you attempt to equalise, so you end up with a less.
* So how do you actually begin to get energy/mass? From wreckages. In the demi-gods page there is a new section called wreckages, all wreckages are available to every player. You can send one demi-god in per wreckage, the more turns you give your demi-god
initially and during the wreckage scavenge, the more energy and mass they can retrieve.
During the process they can randomly find caches of technology which can contain various items, generally not useful to an Ascended God, but to a Demi-God....
You will begin to notice not all wreckages, battles and wars are the same, all have timers, you should note your demis can DIE in wreckages, never to be retrieved and revived. Most battles are fought until the last enemy entity is dead
and the army is recalled shortly after to avoid pointless costs and reinforcements, but it's common for the last entity alive to set a tripwire or deadman switch to a Naquadah or Dark Matter based bomb - the latter is likely to be directed at planet forcing a gravitational collapse
resulting in a supernovic event.

In short, the time is how long everyone has left before the demi-god they sent in to retrieve mass and energy dies. Once your demi starts, it cannot stop and it cannot abort the scavenge. YOU MUST drain ALL the raw fuel (energy and mass) from the wreckages to effectively diminish any explosions.
You will also note wreckage tiers and resource densities, the tiers are based on the 'hardness' of the wreckage, the highter the tier the less time it starts with before it's destroyed, on the flipside since less entities are interested in it they have higher densities of resources to start with.
Greater densities result in more resources per turn used, and yes densities go down the amount that's left.
Greater tiers result in more resources per turn used.
Greater tier/skill of the demi sent in results in more resources per turn used.

Upon the timer finishing and turn change occuring, your demi will either be given back to you along with the caches and resources they find or you will never see them again.....

Also, demis need to be unequipped to be sent in, and you cannot equip them while they're gone (obviously).
--== endof ==--

* We also have new sidebars!!!! If you can't see them, google 'force page refresh' and find the keys to use. You can change back in your preferences (realm page, bottom right)
* We have no background! Yes, time to remove those taccy backgrounds created an eternity ago, hopefully be able to do something about the top few pics as well.
* Powerup page has two optimise options that will delegate the chosen life force to upgrade what you have in the cheapest fashion, in the case of CER it will just generally increase your charisma and tell you what you should do for fleets.
* Demi-gods can now be spied using God Quest, you will figure out quite fast how it works, more info -> bigger covert, see more -> bigger covert.
* I think there are a few more things but I forgot. A few other bits and pieces will be added/changed in another wave of updates, most likely wont be announced, nothing majorly game changing.

With all this in mind, don't expect things will stay static, a few numbers might change - testing with a few people on the dev is not the same as a few hundred people playing around with it in few hours.

And no, demis wont be removed due to the new M2 Stargates, it just means you wont find any new ones and you still won't be able to equip them all.

In short
- demis require energy to upkeep, bigger tier/skill = more upkeep, energy is gained from wreckages.
- your ability to hold and equip demis is based on your stargates (built in cosmic dev) which require mass to build which you find in wreckages.
- you send your demi into a wreckage, throw turns at them, if the wreckage is fully harvested when the timer is up you get your demi and the resources its harvested (on turn change), otherwise it dies.
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Re: How do I acquire mass?

Post by FOXES *ODST » Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:27 pm

That explains it, Thank you very much.

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