2019 'Balance'

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2019 'Balance'

What was the reasoning for returning the randomness to naquadah taken with 15 AT? There doesn't seem to be any suggestion or discussion about it on the forum.
Doesn't really seem to be needed from my point of view.
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Re: 2019 'Balance'

Would kind of agree just seems weird. Can understand if u dont have them set to war, but atm seems to me why have anyone set to war?

If you go to the trouble of farming with 12's too, why does this mean u dont get the full naq or almost all ( if you was farming with 15 ) but in fact u get even less again.
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Re: 2019 'Balance'

Farming with 12 turns was a lot of work and really wasnt worth it unless I was low on turns. I also feel like that amount of work should be rewarded.
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