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sell acount


1 ask still somebody buy accounts, dont hace enemys or clan

mi stats

Race Personality Ascended
Race Tech Path Enhanced Naquadah Based
Race Social Structure Enslave and Dominate
Ascension Level Immortal Ancient God (13)

Fortification Galactic Military Complexes
Siege Technology Universe Bombs
Covert Technology Matter-Phasic Devices
AntiCovert Technology ArmLance of Vision
Special Technology Ascended Blessing
Unit Production 621,374 /day (897,326 total)
Currency Available 0 Naquadah
Turn Income Production: 7,552,802,327 Naquadah (in 9 minutes)
Attack Turns 609,825 (7,479 generic + 602,346 personal)
Covert Capacity 100

no g R points

Empire Stronghold:

total cap 505,000,000,000,000
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