So, how are things?

For newcomers to ask questions to the other users... this section will usually answer most questions... requesting resources (naq/UUs/ATs) is not to be done here...
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So, how are things?

I'm realizing that next year will mark 10 years from my last stint in the game which came like 5 years after I quit for the first time. Glad I got to play that little bit at the start of the Omega DDE war. I think about tgw from time to time but sadly it looks like its best days are behind it :( I always get nostalgic for this game during my Stargate rewatches(S7 right now lol)

Ancient Anubis I miss you
Johauna Firali/Teal'auc I miss you
Lord Apophis One I miss you
Esker I miss you
RepliJake I miss you
GhostyGoo I miss you
JUAN I miss you
ETL I miss you
Psi Kiya Trist I miss you
Kjarkur I miss you
buck I really miss you
Pianomutt(BILL!!!) i miss you
Zeratul I miss you
REK I miss you
Jason the OG, I miss you
Shoutout to my longtime officer VampYre who I played Kings of Chaos with in Phoenix Rising(remember the clickbots? lol) that I lost contact with like 10 years ago
Shoutout to Ishmayeck
Semper I miss you
Nicholai Brocov, I miss you
Robe, I miss you
Flavar, I miss you
DaDigi, I miss you
raistlin majere, I miss you
Zarakai Kenpachi, I miss youuuuu
Visentinel, I miss uuu
JediMasterX I miss u
CJayC, I miss u

There are just too many to name. I hope you're all doing well!

Eternally Your God,

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Re: So, how are things?

New phone, who dis?
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I think this is sig worthy in fact.
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